I have said how amazing my parents are and today we celerbrate the women in our lives who are mother figures. I know my mom isn’t perfect. She had told me I am balding and has called me grossly obese before. If you knew her you would find this funny not mean. She says what ever pops into her head. Think of Linda from Bob’s Burgers minus the drinking.

      She isn’t perfect but she is the perfect mother for me. She is wacky in a good way and loves my sister, brother in law, and me to death.  She just wants us to have the best life we can and helps us however she can. I didn’t know I wasn’t normal because my parents just accepted me as me. No racism, sexism, homophobia. There weren’t gender roles men and women are equal. If we wanted something that was ‘meant for a boy.’ We got it.  People are just who they are. Accept them as is. 

     Thank you Mom for being the best Mom to an anxious person. Just undying unconditional love. ❤ I know I lucked out on my family and upbringing. Could not ask for a better Mom and I never have. Never wished she wasn’t my mom. Never told her I hated her. Never call her anything but loving terms. In my eyes she is wonderfully perfect. 


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