It has been brought to my attention that someone tired to tell my friend the Holocaust did not happen and there is not one shred of proof. I thought maybe he was just trying to be a jerk and press buttons, but apparently he honestly believe this. I know certain countries have their people brain washed into thinking it didn’t happen.  He is from Canada though… 
     I know there are people do not have the same beliefs as I do, BUT there is tons of evidence of the Holocaust.  Hitler was huge on propaganda and released films about the life in the camps. Billdozens pushing piles of dead bodies. People so skinny they looked like living corpses. He was proud of it and everyone knew what was going on long before anyone did anything. He was proud that he found efficient ways to kill masses of people and re-pourposed their bodies.
       I have a few hot topic issues and this is one. I do not want to argue or fight crazy. I would just like them to do some research before ignorantly going around pissing off people. He is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get beat half to death or just flat out killed.  I am also crazy so when people defend the Holocaust I kind of get a bit too passionate but it is all facts that they can look up. All sources from academic journals or from Hitler himself with all of his propaganda.  Not hard to tell I majored in modern European history. It broke my heart to watch the footage and read about it. The sheer hatred. The reason why one so tender hearted majored in something so bloody and awful was to try to understand why. When looking back it made sense why the general population of Italians and Germans allowed it. But to stop history from repeating itself we need to know the past. 
    Canada is guilty of concentration camps as well. But we rounded up Asians took away their land then eventually let them go but gave nothing back to them. They lost everything. Way to go Canada. All countries have horrible things that they have done. The key is to try and improve it. We now accept refugees instead of shoving them in camps we give them homes and jobs. 


       To sum up I basically want to sit this man down and have a history sessions with him. I know from experience people for the Holocaust ( or refuse to believe it ) do not listen it facts or reason. That is no reason not to try. No belittling if he wants proof I will give it to him. Step inside Jenny’s historical house of horrors. We can make books from the skin of dead bodies and make soap from their bones. We can watch the death showers. Everything was documented by Hitler himself. 
End of rant.


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