Because I have a mental illness I used to mistake other mental illnesses for being like mine. I also mistook horrible human beings as having an illness. I wanted to give people unconditional love and help them. I have been stalked twice and someone thought we were going out dispite me saying no we are just friends. I eventually find out that I am in way over my head in the insane department. What is worse is when they say they have mental issues but refuse to get help for it. I can’t stand by and let you hurt yourself and everyone around you, when you can do something about it. ‘I should be fine on my own.’ We would all like to have to not have to take pills or do therapy, but some of us do.
           It has been ten years since diagnosed. I now know more about anxiety and can spot out other people with anxiety out of a crowd. Our body language gives us away. I know I can not make people get help. But I am there for those who do. I have not been bamboozled a since the one sided relationship. She was so awful and tried to take advantage of me because of my Anxiety. I had to write her a letter because me telling her face to face did not work.  Just told her how she made me feel, I wished her the best in life and that I never want her to any way shape or form try to contact me. I really do want the best for her, but I am no one’s door mat. It takes a while for me to get that people are being horrible to me and they mean to be. I assume it is all in my head. It never crosses my mind they are intentually mean, because who does that? Eventually I figure out it isn’t all in my head. Also some times I don’t notice when people are being mean to me. That doesn’t help things. 


2 thoughts on “Bamboozled 

  1. People are like blood hounds and can smell vulnerability in others. Especially those that long to be loved. It sounds like you have come a long way and have grown from a frightened child to a strong young individual 🙂

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