There are three natural instincts when in survival mode, fight, flight, or freeze. I have a combination of fight and flight. I will run away when I can, but if someone is coming at me rapey humping me outside subway, or trying to corral me into a cab I will fight to get away,  then I run as fast as my chubby legs will take me to safety. Men really need to learn that it is not funny nor okay to sexually assult woman. I have been surrounded by a group on men who were all humping the air and were closing in on me. I told them leader if he didn’t stop I was going to knee him in the penis. He laughed and said I meant the balls. I looked him dead in the eyes and said ‘No I mean your penis so I bruse and hurt it so you pee blood for days and don’t just have the initial pain and it goes away.’ He laughed again and hummed closer so I kneed him as hard as I could and he went down like a sack of potatoes. The rest backed off when I asked it they wanted to pee blood as well.  They said they were joking. That isn’t joking. Circling a lone female and humping the air and closing in on her. That is rapey. Super gang rapey. I have crazy person strength and will do what ever it takes to get away. Leave women alone you rapey bastards ( I know all men are not like this.) I am just beyond greatful I don’t have freeze. When you want to move but your body is frozen and you can’t do anything. Men take this as woman being okay with it when they had already said no. No means no. Our city is littered with sex offenders from across the country as we have a halfway home or something for them. How about not putting them in a city?  How about not letting people you know will reoffend free? They instead send them to my city and then the police send out a warning that a high risk reoffender is being released and will be in our city so to be careful… it is not on woman to be careful. Don’t let the bastards out if they are high risk you mornons. Makes me so mad. (Incert long sting of swear words.)


5 thoughts on “Fight, flight, or freeze.

  1. I completely agree with you that men and some women need to understand no does mean no. I also completely agree that people simply need to learn respect. I agree with your course of action. Again the honesty of this blog is what keeps me coming back seeing what interesting things you may post.
    I would suggest using line breaks and/or paragraphs a bit as it can sometimes be a little difficult to read at times.
    As for sex offenders I don’t quite agree with a bit of it because most sex offenders do not commit crimes again. Sex offenders actually re-offend less than almost any other type of felony, the only exception is murderers. Additionally most sex offenders statistically are people who actually committed statutory rape, meaning the victim was too young, (typically in mid to late teenage years). However, many states, like mine do not have statutory rape laws and therefore are prosecuted as if they forcefully pinned down and raped someone.
    However, I do apologize that any guy ever came onto you in such a manner. It is very unfortunate and terrible when one person of a certain gender, race, religion, or other type clouds your views on that entire group of people. But i am glad you came out of this ordeal in not worse shape.

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    1. Thank you for your feed back. When I write I do put in paragraphs but I can’t figure out why when I hit post they go away? Do you know if I need more spaces between the two?

      I am in Canada and agree that some sex offenders do not repeat. I am talking about them letting out brutal serial rapists into my city that they warn females that they have a very high chance of re-offending. A female was raped and murdered in the hospital here a few years ago and nothing was done. They blamed her for going on a walk with the men who tortured and killed her. My city is very blame the victim and sure send violent sex criminals from across the country to our half way home for them. They basically let us know so we can stay safe. How about not letting people who have no remorse and are considered high risk offenders.

      I do completely agree that there are many people who will not re-offend. Unfortunately they send the ones who are high risk to us to free up jail space.


  2. I would try using double space and if that doesn’t work it is like the theme. You should be able to preview posts beforehand so you can try double space, see if there is a manual line break button, or anything else and hit preview so you can view the post before hand. But again some themes are faulty.

    With what you described it sounds like your area needs a bit more knowledge in who is to blame for whose actions. Any person, not just female should be able to walk down any public street at any time without the fear of being raped, mugged, killed, etc. Granted people may stray from certain areas as they have knowledge of it being dangerous, that does NOT make it the victims fault. I live in New York so I do not know how classification for sex offenders occurs in Canada. I know in New York, based on the arbitrary point system typically a lower ranked/leveled sex offender is often more dangerous because of the points. Actually most people who are young adults(18, 19, 20) and have sex with an under aged person (13, 14, 15, 16) they’re typically medium to high risk, while older people 40’s and up are almost always low level sex offender even if their victim was under the age of 10.
    So essentially my question is in Canada when they rate someone a high level and likely to re-offend is there any concrete proof that is true?

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    1. I didn’t even think of my theme, because it does it with people’s comments too. Thanks. I shall try that.
      With the ones they send to the halfway home here, yes. I live in a poor city and they push all their money to the provincial capital. I also live in the poorest region of Canada so we are behind in thinking overall. So they send the high risk Re offenders here from across the country. It is only high risk serial offenders who get sent here. Once they do their required time in the home they then go where ever they like. We live in the stone ages when it comes to sexual assault cases or murder. At least twice a year young woman (late teens early 20s) go missing. They all have the same look and similar features. Their bodies are all found in the bay and the police say it is suicide every time. Also a teen boy was murdered and they said it was a suicide.
      My friend has been mugged twice over the years and instead of helping her the second time they told her she was a scammer and refused to help. Meanwhile it was years between the muggings. Apparently if you are mugged once you are immune to it again. Almost like chicken pox, according to the fine officer who came to see her.
      We do have some good police. Not all of them are like this, but most don’t care and victim blame as it is easier and keeps the King of our fine city happy. Ugh politics. At least I don’t live in the small towns where everyone knows incest is going on but no one says anything and just let’s it happen.


  3. I also wanted to suggest a different theme or different colors a bit because my own comments once posted cannot be seen except if I highlight the text.

    Sounds like the problem lies a lot with the entire town/city you live in. I would suggest some course of action to make a difference. It could be done in many ways from rally’s to speaking up at meetings within the town if they exist. I look forward to more posts from you.

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