People keep telling me  I am looking good. You don’t have to lie to me. I am not looking good. My skin is dry and blochy. I have gained 60lbs since October. I am too exhausted to colour my hair so I have gross white re-grown. I cry so much that when my mom came to visit she asked me how I got the black eyes. I buy my kleenex at Costco because I need the savings and I go through that much.  I am always sweating because my body hates being out of my house. I guess I am looking good compared to all that and snot and tears pouring down my face, which let’s face it is not a rare occurrence.  I know people are trying to be nice when they see me out but there is no point if I know you are lying. 


2 thoughts on “Looking good.

  1. Keep you chin up, please know I to suffer chronic anxiety/ panic disorder and depression. Our ways of thinking somehow always seem to turn a negative spin on what others are saying to us. Know you are not alone. If u even need to chat head on over to I’m always writing about my struggles and feelings and if there is ever a day u need to vent pop me a comment.. sending huge hugs xx

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