Bunny is a stuffed rabbit that I got when I was 4. Mom and Dad got him for me when they went to Montreal for a weekend. I remember getting him still to this day and thinking that I was so happy I didn’t get an activity book like my sister. Her book had something to do with leaves and Mom And Dad took her out to use it. I guess she was into such things. 
Since I have had anxiety to some degree my whole life, I used bunny as a calming object. The one constant no matter where I went.  I took him everywhere and had a death grip on him the whole time. I was terrified to lose him but he calmed me down. He sleeps with me on my pillow unless I am extremely anxious then I snuggle him if a cat is not around. My girls let me cuddle them like stuffed toys as we lay in bed. 
I got really sick but had a vacation all set up to visit my parents last year. All I wanted was to see them and be hugged. So I was a determined little thing. I traveled alone and had to have a lay over in Montreal before heading to Chicago. I was already crying uncontrollably and hyperventilating the whole time. I had tranquilers at the time which allowed me to be mobile but still have panic attacks. I had my bunny with me holding him to clam down on the plane and in the waiting area at the gates. I don’t care that I am a fully grown woman holding a stuffed toy. I already looked nuts so bring on the stuffed toy. I would however just bring a stuffed toy with me when healthy because I love stuffed animals. I don’t care if I make others uncomfortable with my panic attacks.I lack that voice that tells me to care what other people think. I reject reality and live in my magical quirky bubble with my cats,  real rabbit, stuffed bunny, friends and family. If traveling alone with horrible anxiety doesn’t show how much I love my parents I don’t know what would. It is hellish but tranquilizers and bunny got me through it. 


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