I have no desire for a romantic relationship. Never have. I don’t know if it is because of my Anxiety, or because I hated how desperate and clingy some of my friends got when they had a boyfriend. They would pretty much ignore me until the boy broke up with them and I was there to pick up the pieces. I have cut a few people from my life because they just didn’t care about me, or our other friends when they had a boyfriend. Then they were onto the next boy, any boy will do. They wanted to be in a relationship so bad that they settled and changed who they were.
I will not settle. I am open to falling in love, but in all fairness why do I need to? I have a wonderful family and friends. I also already found my soul mate. We were made for each other. We found eachother at church in 3rd grade and didn’t let go. We also got away with a lot because she seems quiet and I seem nieve. 
It almost makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like the idea of people wanting me. I am 90% sure it is the anxiety. Such an awful uncomfortable feeling. I like to be thought of as an adorable platonic friend.


5 thoughts on “Romance

  1. Doesn’t sound like you have many nice friends I would have you in my life as well as my boyfriend. I get fed up of spending all my time with the man I’m dating I need girly chats too! It is very hard when you have anxiety to let someone in- because of the risk that they might hurt you. But when you find the right person you will risk everything for it. X

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    1. I have all good friends now. That was when I was younger ( high school and beginning of University) which would have helped molded my lack of wanting anything romantic. Sad to say I saw the girls who acted like that as pathetic. If a partner is worth it they will want you to still have strong friendships. I kick crappie friends to the curb now so I don’t have any. It was hard when I was younger to stop being friends, but I have always stood up for myself.. Now I have nothing but good friends that are like family. Awe you are such a sweetie pie. I agree finding the right person is worth it. ❤ I have found some amazing souls. One friend pays for everything for my rabbit so that she can bring me some happiness.

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