1. When on social media and people are constantly complaining about things they can change it makes me annoyed. I want to say ‘are you ill? Can you leave your home? Did someone die? Have you been through a traumatic event?  No? Then shut up and feel lucky that your mind and body isn’t working against you to make you ill. Be thankful that you and your loved ones are in good health. Enjoy going outside alone!  For Pete sakes stop saying you are bored. Being bored is a luxury that I don’t have. I cry all the time and have panic attack. Time just is. I am never bored due to my brain poisoning my thoughts and that internal struggle to shut up the illness and fighting for my life every single day. I am tired but not alone as I have  amazing family and friends. I wish I had the luxury of working or being bored. *end of rant*

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