I have been bullied. I don’t care about their opinion though. It isn’t just people of colour who get harassed about their skin colour by whites. I have always had white skin. When I say white I mean alabaster porcelain skin. I got called Casper,  mayo, all sorts of things. I just assumed they were jerks. Why do I want to talk to be around people who tell me during a snow storm I would be invisible because I am so white. Also got bullied due to my dyslexia. All the time nasty girls would make fun of me saying I can’t read and I am dumb.  Something is broken in me that I don’t care. I know I can read I just mess up some times because of dyslexia.  I just thought they were nasty cruel people and felt sorry for they. I kind of throw a wrench in their trying to be nasty when I don’t care and wonder what happened to them to make them so cruel. Is it nature or nurture? Also how on earth do they have friends? 


3 thoughts on “Bullies

    1. Something is not right in my brain where instead of letting them get to me I just think they are pathetic. Always have. I assume it is the same thing that doesn’t make me embarrassed or ashamed easily. I literally can not be shamed or guilted out of things I like. Make fun of me and I just go one about how nice it is. Like when told I need to tan because I am so pale. I have flawless alabaster skin. Don’t need cover up, and my skin is nice and healthy because I have always been OCD about sunscreen as I burn even bathed in the highest of sunscreens. They won’t be making fun of me or my parasol when I am 50 and look 35-40. Suck it rude people. Also I don’t get making fun of someone based off of skin pigment.

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