Thank goodness Steven Harper is no longer Prime Minister of Canada. Being anxity riddled I try to stay away from news. It just upsets me and gives me more anxitey. I need to keep my anger directed at my anxiety to have have the strength to fight tooth and nail to just live. It is impossible to not see news about certain things especially Trump, since Canada has such a close relationship with the United States. Trudeau is not the best pimeminster in the world but he is a breath of fresh air after Harper.  He even had fan girls as he looks like a Prince Eric from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. If Harper was still in power he would be kissing Trump’s bum instead of fighting for his country. Harper and his soulless dead eyes. I have a minor in political science and I am leaving politics to those who don’t have crushing anxiety. I want to make a change, but that is not my fight. My fight is to raise mental health awareness and give others that free non-judgmental space to vent or get things off their chest. I want to make a change because it is repulsive how little help the mentally ill get. They make us jump through hoops and play games that we don’t know the rules of. That is my fight. First step is to keep just being me. Open honest and unapologetic for me having a disease and needing help. 
When people who I haven’t seen for awhile add me on Facebook or out and about and ask about work or what I have been up to I will tell them. I am not ashamed I need disability. I am not ashamed of my disease.  A disease is a disease. It doesn’t matter if it is physical or mental. We should not feel like we have to hide it or go it alone. That is what friends and family are for support. Now not everyone is supportive but it helps weed out the people I don’t need. You don’t have to understand what I am going through just accept that I have this and what I am telling you is real. Some times you have to kindly educate those who want to learn. 


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