Apparently is it common for people with anxiety to have IBS. Who knew?  It makes perfect sense. The stress on the body either makes you constipated or have diarrhea. Since I have gotten really sick there is no middle ground. I had IBS before I got very ill mentally. It is so bad that I have to take pills everyday so that I don’t vomit or have diarrhea constantly. It was so bad they thought I had C-diff. My stomach swells if I forget my pill that day and boats up as far as the skin will allow. It hurts so bad because it wants to expand more but can’t.  I had to cut out a lot in my diet, which is for the best. Healthy things I am mostly fine with.
Garlic makes me feel like I am dying, but I love it so. No food is worth that pain though. So I burn in the sun with in minutes, I have porcelain skin, and can not digest garlic. I also bite the inside of my mouth when angry or anxious  with out realizing it. So I swollow my own blood as it is just ripped up inside. When I do finally clam down I realize what I have done. No one can see inside your mouth so no one ever knows that instead of cutting I instinctively bite and suck on my own blood. Super creepy, but I don’t know I am doing it. Why does the blood and biting clam me down? When I do it to the inside of my lip it looks like I have a fat lip from hitting it off something. I am open and if people ask why I have a fat lip I tell them and show them the inside of my mouth all chewed to hell. I am pretty sure this isn’t normal but no one ever reacts weird to it, so I  not completely sure.  I am however  90% sure I am the closest thing to a real vampire. Sun burns you to the point of horrible blisters, check, garlic hurts, check, drinks blood, just my mouth blood with out realizing, but still check, glorious alabaster skin, check, prefers the night(because I don’t have to worry about sun screen or burning) check.


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