I never have asked why I have anxiety. I thought I was just different and that was okay. Once diagnosed my mom told me all the people on her side of the family who had / has anxiety… She used to have to grind up my grandmother’s adavan in Apple sauce to make her take one at night. My grandmother knew it was in there she just wanted it in applesauce because they taste gross. 

My sister has always had anxiety too. She can function regularly but hates calling places. She always has. She has a more ‘traditional’ anxious personality. I just am greatful that I have the crippling anxiety not her. She has enough problems with her back and ankle from falling. That and if one of us had to have it I would rather it be me as I would not wish this on anyone. I joke that I got all the crappie genes that were left over after my parents had her.  It is funny because it is kind of true except her dyslexia is worse that mine. I think that is because Mom learned from having one child with it and made me do so much more extra work to train my brain to deal with it. I also had a speech impediment so lots of extra work had to be done. 


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