My legal name is Jennifer, but no one ever calls me that. I have always been called Jenny, Jenn, or Penny.  Since my mother and sister always have called me Penny I thought it was short for Jennifer like how Billy is short for William, or Bobby for Robert. It wasn’t until University that I found out it is not.  A friend named here cat Penny and I said ‘Awe you named her after me.’ Just to be silly. She looked at me like I had two heads. I now send her pictures of every letter or card I get with my mom or sister calling me Penny. Apparently it was Jenny, Henny. Penny when I was a baby but Mom shortened it to just Penny. No wonder I don’t know what is normal and what isn’t. I still say Penny can be short for Jennifer because my mom and sister use it as such. I really have no idea why they didn’t just name me Jenny if no one but one close cousin and strangers who read my full legal name off a form call me Jennifer.


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