At first I just had panic attacks when I was menstruating. I thought that it was just from my period getting worse as I age. Well lucky me it was that and my anxiety getting worse. The older I get the worse my body gets. I had to go on birth control because without it I pass out, have a high fever, vomit, ect because my period is so bad. 
I thought I was going through early menopause because I was having hot flashes. First just with my period then they started weekly, the Daily. Turns out I was wrong,  which I am happy about because if you go through it early you can go through it again. I never had them at home, but didn’t realize that. It wasn’t until I got sick that I found out what was causing the hot flashes. It is my anxiety.  Though I didn’t realize it my body was under stress leaving my home. I never used to be sweaty. I hardly ever sweat,  but now when I leave the house I am a massive sweat ball. It is disgusting and I hate it.  My body just hates leaving my apartment even if my mind said yes. 
Since I have gotten ill I have realized that having my period with it makes it so bad. It is my worst time of month. I sweat way more and can barely leave my home. I can’t talk to my parents or sister on the phone and can barely even message or text. It is sheer hell. It is to the point where I don’t do anything that week. I stay in and don’t even go to group therapy. I can’t handle so much physical pain along with being so sick with anxiety.  


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