I recently learned that it is not common to hear voices/sounds that aren’t there and to see people or things that aren’t there. I am some times told it is me seeing or hearing ghosts. I would be very annoying to a ghost. They would do things and I would just think it was normal or just me being not 100% sane. Wesker also does weird things like pushing out all of my dresser drawers and opening the freezer door. If something weird happens around the apartment I now just assume it is Wesker. It always is her too.  I eventually see her doing it.

I believe that ghosts could be real as I have seen/heard some weird things, but I also believe it could be just my sick brain.  I really don’t know and I don’t care which one it is, but it would be nice to be evaluated to see what else I think is normal that isn’t.  I have always told people when I see something but then when I look away and look again and it is gone. I also ask people if they heard what I heard and they say no. Would that perhaps not be the time to tell me that it is not the usual? Instead people just answer my questions. When you have always been a bit eccentric people really don’t tell you what is and isn’t the norm. Probably because I wouldn’t care, but it is nice to know 


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