I have had Padiddle aka Miss Kitty since she was 4 weeks old. I had to feed her kitten formula with and eye dropper.  I taught her how to do everything because my sister’s car who was 4  yrs older was an air head and was literally scared of the wind… I would bath her with a damp warm face cloth to teach her how to bath.  She tries to  give me baths like I am an other cat and it hurts. Their tongues are like sand paper.
The first time I left her for longer than 48hrs she gave up on life. I had to call her and tell her to eat for me. She just laid on my bed and refused to eat or drink. If Mom moved her to upfront of the food she just walked away and went back to my bed. She sleeps with me every night and has a side of the bed.  We have has a few scares but she is healthy. She just has arthritis and high blood pressure. She isn’t in pain. I have arthritis too so I pick her up and carry her around. She has always loved being held. She is 16 years old and she still walks down a set of stairs to greet me at the door when I come home. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is.  She always greets me at the door. I don’t know why people say cats don’t greet people. Wesker greets me too if she doesn’t go out with me.  Some times they have plans to escape into the hallway for no reason. One distracts me while the other makes a break for it. 


6 thoughts on “Cat Lady Rant

      1. I have two and both are spoiled rotten. I also have a rabbit that is spoiled. It isn’t just me either my parents and sister spoil them more than I do. Always giving them toys and special treats. I honestly could not ask for better fur babies. My cats are always together and just give each other and are 13 yrs apart it is like they were meant to be together. And my rabbit is my oldest cat’s baby. If you say go give your baby a kiss she will go kiss the rabbit.

        What are your cats names? And what type are they? I could talk and listen about animals all the time. I love them.

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      2. Bentley (brown tabby), Mr. Miagy (Siamese mix), & Mildred (tortie)! I work at a pet hospital, I completely understand about talking and listening about animals. I do it on a daily basis!

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