The fine people of the government have taken away my coverage because I am on disability… People who are disabled need their coverage. I am on so much medication I can’t pay for it. I have too much money in my account to reapply but that money they are going to take back in back pay for what I got on social assistance. This is a massive insult to injury. With out my medication I will die. I will kill myself due to my DISABILITY. I have a theory that they just want anxious and depressed people to kill themselves instead of helping with their disease. They make it impossible to do it yourself.  You have to get help. The nature of our disease makes us not want help. I have had it drilled into me since a child that if I need help ask for it. I am hanging on by a thread with my medication. If I can’t afford it my disease will get worse than it currently is. The disease will take over everything and convince me to end it.  So tempting, so distorted. 

I am a magical rare gem of a specimen when it comes to anxiety I am told. I demand help and what I need/derseve dispite my anxiety screaming to stop.  The horrible treatment and appernt stigma on mental health enrages me. If I have to I will kick up a fuss and go on a blind rampage for mental health rights. I will ball my face off and have panic attacks while doing it,  but deal with it.  Just you wait my prettiest. I may have anxiety but about certain things I have the confidence of a powerful 50s business man.  I won’t accept defeat and it will get whoever I can to help me. There is no shame in my game.


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