I get very confused easily and don’t know what is going on. I also get flustered and have short term memory loss. It comes across as me being annoyed when really I am over come with confusion and don’t either remember or understand. I feel bad because Mom asks me a lot of questions because she doesn’t live in the same country so she worries and wants to know exactly what is happening. I feel awful that I sound like I am annoyed or don’t want to talk to her. I do I explain that I am overwhelmed and will get back to her when I figure it out again.  God bless her for putting up with it because not every parent would. Mom and dad love my sister and me more than anything and let us know it. I love my parents, sister and brother in law with every fiber of my being. Honestly I have to be the first to go and it must be natural death. Because I don’t think I could handle losing them.

 My sister and I joke who is going to die first. She says her because she fell and now can barely walk. Her issues are all user damage. Mine are user damage ( as we are both incredible clumsy) but also manufacture defects. Things I have cut myself with; panty liner, a chicken bone, a button, a zipper, pants pocket, plastic, the bath tub, ect. I have broken my toes and bones on my feet so much that I can’t wear certain heels anymore as my feet healed weird. I have to wear slippers because I will break my toes on anything. Once I broke my baby toe on a couch coushin. 


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