I am not allowed (or so says my mother) to eat pickles when cut in circles. I once chocked on a pickle in the middle of a restaurant.  I popped the  whole medallion of pickle in my mouth,  as it was bite sided, juice squirted down my throat making me breath in being startled. I could not breath and was motioning in that I was choking. Nothing. I was turning blue,  nothing… eventually I had to give myself the hmylick. Shouldn’t my mother be scolding them for not a) giving me help or b) shout that I was choking and asking if anyone could help.  If I did not know how to give myself the hmylick I would have passed out.  And all I remember is my Nannie saying ‘was is  the pickle?’ Yes, Nannie.  Yes, it was the pickle… Thank you for not helping at all.


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