I had to go to service Canada to get my social assistance switched over to disability. I can’t leave the house alone so I have Wesker as my service cat. She makes it so that I can leave with her and she clams me down. So when waiting in line Wesker meows because she wants people to know she is there and to get pets. I am trying to break her of this habit. Some jerk off behind was making fun of me for having a cat with me. Perhaps you can speak when you learn to wear real pants and not sweats, and learn some manners and take off your hat inside. Also it is very clear by looking at me that she is a service animal. I cry, shake, hyperventilate, ect. People need to learn not to be assholes, especially when they just heard me tell the woman at the desk my cat was a service animal. News flash not just blind people need them and they don’t have to be a dog. They can be a tiny black cat that is normally quiet and just chills in her carrier that looks like a purse. 


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