I can not get out of bed in the morning. It is so hard. I just lay in bed with my cats cuddling them until I have to use the bathroom. My bladder is the only thing that prevents me from just laying in bed all day some days. The cats don’t make it easy to leave either. Even when healthy who wants to leave cat cuddles? 

Padiddle is always in bed with me. If I have a nap I wake up to her on or beside me. Wesker likes to crawl under the covers and lay next to me. If I didn’t have my girls to give me love when I wake up I don’t know if I would ever stay out of bed. They follow me around and are usually in the same room as me. Diddle gets carried around because she loves it and I have always just brought her where ever I go since she follows me around anyway and when I sit she climbs on me. 


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