I lost Minnie over a year ago.  She was a black and white Rex Mix rabbit. She died of old age in my arms. It was the most heart breaking experience in my life. I just sang to her (as I always did) and held her. I knew the end was coming and I was going to be there until the end. Letting her know she wasn’t alone and was loved.  She was the most well behaved rabbit and thought she was a cat because my cat taught her everything. It was her baby. 
After becoming anxiety ridden my friend got me the little sweetie pie in the picture above. He said I needed a rabbit.  Minnie would let me hold her for hours and would lick away my tears, bunnies love salt.  I didn’t think I could love an other rabbit the way I do Minnie. Maude is creeping her little furry self in there. She is cute in personality and sweet as can be. I have her litter trained and she loves snuggles. 

Maude has weak back legs so she can’t stand up on her hind legs. She hops just fine until she runs then she wipes out, but keeps moving her legs as she is laying on her side. When she does try to stand up (she wedges herself in between objects,  and put all her weight on her back legs she falls slowly and wiggles her front legs the whole way down. It is adorable. She is so close to the ground she doesn’t hurt herself.  She also likes to just drag her hind legs behind her like she is paralyzed. Her legs work just fine but she gets lazy. I didn’t know I needed a rabbit as well as my cats(who must live forever) until I got Maude. It is all about the rabbits personailty and Maude could not be sweeter if she tired. 

Having fur babies to be there when I am having a panic attack or depressed make it a little bit better. Their adorable antics and constant cuddles and snuggles prevent me from going deep into depression. For that I would go to the ends of the earth for them. So tiny with pure unconditional love.


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