I have  been told that I am brave for being me and not caring what anyone thinks. That me being myself am so proud of it that it makes them feel not ashamed of ‘guilty pleasures’ or hidden shames. I have a pony train that goes around a track.  I often get told ‘That’s okay’ my response is ‘ It is awesome. I am proud and bragging about it.’ I am cute and fluffy, what do they expect? I am very open about everything. Any time anyone tries to shame me about something I love it backfires on them because I go on a rant about how I love it and assume they were being nice instead of trying to shame me. If I know they are shaming me I still talk about how I love it.

I can normally spot out the anxious and depressed. We have ticks and body language even when healthy that are tells. Mine get mistaken for being shy or low self-esteem. I was ripping a piece of paper one day at work instead of using the shredder. My district manager asked me why I was doing it by hand. I said it was satisfying and liked doing it. He then came out with the gem of knowledge ‘Did you know ripping paper can be a tell of anxiety?’ My answer’ Yeah, because we find it satisfying.


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