My art does not really sell. Also when I give it as gift only 3 people have ever put it up and 2 of them are family members.  I have had 3 commissions so far. I would say I am not good enough but I think my pieces are good. I have been working hard to get better yet it is like pulling teeth to get people to buy it.
I did just get a commission of 3 pieces to go together. That makes me happy that someone saw my work and was like ‘Yup I want her to do something’ This is only my 3rd commission ever and I am rather pleased with it. I got straight to work and the first piece is coming along. I wish I could be an artist for a living. But I also wish I could come and go as a please… Cold harsh reality is may never make much but I love doing it and I may always have issues leaving the house. At least I don’t have to leave to draw.


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