It enrages me when people say sucide is the most selfish act. It is not selfish when dealing with anxiety or depression. The mind warps things. It says I am not good enough. That the world and everyone in it is better off without me. Sucide does not kill in these cases, anxiety and depression do.
If thinking sucide is selfish is the common mentality then people who are suicidal will not be open about it. If it is viewed as a cause of anxiety which is a disease, then people would be more open. I am open and honest when people ask. I will not be shamed.  People are surprised when they ask me if I am depressed and my answer is of course I am. How the hell could I not be?  Anxiety and depression are best friends.  Having crippling anxiety since June I am pretty certain would give anyone depression. We as a society need to allow open non-judgmental dialog to educate. Then people would not see feeling suicidal as shameful it is when you need to reach out and get the help needed not to die from depression. 


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