I read an article on how people with my kind of anxiety love horror. It is a fear that is outside of our mind and gives off a different chemical reaction than anxiety fear. I wish I had have kept the article on the study. I have always loved horror, except shock horror. I watch movies with prime mates in them when I want to watch something actually scary ( I have a phobia of them). I giggle and laugh at horror movies I love the over acting in cheesy ones and I like the creepy factor of well done ones.

I also love horror survival Games. Resident evil is to me what star trek is to trekies. I call myself a Resie. Oh it gives me a scary thrill to play. Silent Hill is also a series I love playing. The evil within was amazing to play. I always knew and tried to explain why with anxiety I like horror and the macabre so much. I explained it as it was controlled fear outside of me. I am super jumpy and adore jump scares.   Even though I know they are coming most of the time they still get me. 

I don’t like any sexual horror or movies like human centipede or Mr tusk. Human centipede I was so pumped to watch the first time. I thought it was so ridiculous that it had to be campy horror, nope shock horror. I have watched the first one once and that was enough. I didn’t even finish Mr.Tusk. My sister loves Kevin Smith and loves Me. Tusk.  It made me feel good to be the less disturbed one for once.  


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