I do not understand what goes through some men’s minds. I actually call them out to ask if they know they are coming across as a sexual predator or not.  Not all men do this, but in my city it is not unusal. I have been walking home after a night of dancing to be circled by a group of men who humped the air and kept getting closer to me. The ring leader was in front of me. I told him if he didn’t back off and leave me alone I was going to kick him in the penis. He replied with ‘ Don’t you mean my balls?’ . He  got closer and kept humping the air getting super close to me. I backed up and said ‘No I mean your penis so you pee blood for days as a reminder of how rapey you are.’ Then kicked him, I was wearing heels with a pointed toe. Needless to say he went down like a ton of bricks. I asked the other men,who clearly weren’t with him but at the time thought they could join in on the harassing fun, if any of them wanted to be kicked too and they all backed away. Telling me sorry and they didn’t realize. How do you not realize circling a lone woman and closing in on her while humping the air is threatening? 

I have also been followed by a guy in a Taxi.  He got the driver to stop far enough away that he couldn’t hear what he was saying to me. He literally tried to corral me into his Taxi even after I said I had a boyfriend waiting for me at home. He said he was better than my boyfriend and to go with him. I kept my distance as he blocked my way and actually took his number when he gave it to me. Finally I escaped him and called my friend up crying who I gave the number to. He called as my boyfriend and ripped the dude a new on saying if he ever tried that again he would hunt him down and he would never be found again. The rapey male was in tears. That is what you get for being rapey dude! I told him he was coming across as a rapist and to stop trying to get me in the car. I may have anxiety but I will fight, claw, cut, scratch, do what ever I have to, to keep myself safe. 


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