As someone who has always had anxiety I cry alot. Always have. Some times it is for no reason and is just a light cry (where people can make out what I am saying). I tell them it is my anxiety and I feel fine and to just ignore it. For some people they can’t.  They don’t understand dispite me casually explaining while crying. My body language is normal. I can talk and rationally think, but it is impossible for them to wrap their minds around that although my body is crying my mind is fine and I feel normal, for me. 

One of my pet peeves is when people say don’t cry. Why? Crying is not weakness. It is a reaction to something. The correct responses are; are you okay?, let it all out, I am here for you, I love you, ect.  I hate it when males are told men don’t cry. What the hell? It is like saying women don’t poop. Of course men can cry and do cry. People mistake having emotions with being weak. Crying isn’t fun and it can be exhausting.

Crying for days on end makes us the strong ones. Being proud of who we are and not caring what others think makes us the strong ones.


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