I find it offensive and ignorant when people tell me there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance/ that anxiety can be genetic. There  are different types of anxiety and people love to use David Burns’ work to back it up. It is as offensive as saying you choose to be gay, tansgendered, ect. 

Burns has some good excerise for non chemical anxiety,  but has been disproven that there is not a kind of anxiety that is genetic.  He says you can choose to not have anxiety anymore. If you work hard. He says they some people choose to keep their anxiety.  Anyone with crippling anxiety would want it gone. It is sheer hell and I would not wish it upon anyone. 

You can not tell me it isn’t genetic/ chemical when at least 3 other females in my family on my mom’s side has it and her mother had it. I had such bad anxiety about leaving my house when I was a child my mother thought that my baby sitter was abusing me. She was not she was a wonderful caring woman. I just didn’t want to leave my house.  My babysitter lived next door to me too, so it wasn’t far. 

Apparently I don’t have the ‘classic’ personailty of someone with anxiety. I have a loud child like voice, to go with child like wonder. I am treated like someone who has a hidden trama from one of my therapists because he lives by Burns ‘ works. Your not going to find a hidden trama when there isn’t one. My social worker does not subscribe to Burns ‘ beliefs and is actually taking the time to figure out how best to help me instead of lumping in me with anxieties that I don’t have. 


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