I was talking to my friend about how group therapy isn’t helpful at all for me, except to make me leave the house. I go solely to make me leave my home. I do everything I am asked and have no problem volunteering for things if no one else wants to. 

The difference between me having a chemical imbalance and other sorts of anxiety is that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I will tell people when I am struggling with sucide so that they can help me. There is no shame or ridicule. I am not embarrassed and I cry not because of what I am saying but because I have anxiety that I don’t know where it comes from. 

My body blushes for no reason and I also get goose bumps for no reason. Since I have been sick this happens a lot more. My face will go beat red and feels like it is burning. 

I feel guilty about complaining about my anxiety, since I could have a wrose type. I am greatful every day that it is just a chemical imbalance. I have such an amazing family and friends that I thought everyone felt like I did. They just dealt with it differently. I still get those ‘oh everyone doesn’t feel / does this’ moments. I assume it is normal because I have always felt or done something and no one in my life ever told me otherwise. They just let me be me. 


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