I went to buy something today and it was priced low and I thought that it was on sale. I took it up to the register and was told that wasn’t the price and it was 15$ more than it was labeled. The cashier asked me if that was okay. I sheepishly said no. It is hard for me to stand up for myself. I was shaking and beginning to tear up. I said I didn’t understand that if it was mispriced then shouldn’t I pay the price on it? It wasn’t like I went looking at every bottle to see if one was accidently priced. I feel as if it is common knowledge thay if something is legit mispriced then they honor that price. He did give it to me for what the price said and he was very nice. But for me it was a huge deal to even say anything. Anxiety makes it hard to even question someone. I do it. It is hard and shakes me to the core, but I do it. When healthy it is just a normal conversation, but when ill it is terrifying and awful.


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