I hate how females with a cat that they love is labeled a crazy cat lady and constantly told you would have tons of cats. A female with the same affection for a dog is not labeled a crazy dog lady. Also why is this sexist? 

I have two cats, and a rabbit. If anything I am a crazy cat and rabbit lady. My offense is not being called crazy, because the jury is out on that one, and I do flipping love cats. My issue with this is that people assume I am going to have a pride ( Wesker prefers this term better than the correct one) of cats. I do love my animals and I am aware that I am co-dependent on them. I would never have more than two cats. I love them too much to cut down on the affection time. I got my rabbit as a friend for Padiddle. She loves rabbits. She trained Minnie to use the cat litter box. I tell her to go see her baby and she will go give the rabbit a kiss. 

So to sum up not a crazy cat lady. Just a crazy person with cats. 


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