I have had crippling anxiety since July of last year.  I got let go from my job and just got told that I am approved for disability. The problem is that it is taxable and they are giving me 750.00. How the heck can anyone live off of 750 a month? Someone with crippling anxiety can not move or live with someone. So basically it is a you are horribly disabled we will give you not even enough to cover bills, little lone groceries and essentials, plus we are going to take tax out of it. 

It is so hard to even get this far. They make it almost impossible for people with anxiety then when you get it, it is so little that you really feel like shit. My life isn’t worth enough to them where I have enough money to just scrape by. Nope you as a disabled person get to live in property for the rest of your life and of you don’t have someone to help you then oh well.  They even have a ‘If I die’ section,  which leads me to believe they just want mentally ill people to kill themselves off.


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