It is impossible to get help unless you know someone. Thank goodness my friend used to work in that branch of the government and asked me all the questions and filled out the forms for me. I just needed to sign. I have been told told that unless on welfare and are addicted to drugs the government won’t pay for medication. This is wrong. If you don’t make enough to cover your medication they will make sure you get it for free.

Because we are crying when speaking to them over the phone or in person a lot of them don’t take us seriously and therefore don’t care.  I  crying because I have anxiety which is why I need help. I demand the help I deserve and need. 
People with mental health diseases do not die of sucide. They die from their disease, which causes sucide. The mind twists and turns everything. It is really hard to believe that they still use electroshock therapy in this day and age. It also makes me see red when people are willfully ignorant. Mental health is one of my buttons that if pressed I will get angry and rage lecture.


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