So I am beginning to think that group therapy is not for me. This is the second group in 6 months and the therapist who runs them is nice, but lives by David Burns ‘ theory that there is no such thing as anxiety as a chemical imbalance. This has clearly been disproven, but Burns says it has been disproven that anxiety is genetic. There are different types of anxiety and mine happens to be genetic. It runs on my mom’s side of the family. 

I have been lucky and lived in a loving home where I have only been loved and accepted. I feel bad that I complain about my anxiety. I am so lucky to not have a traumatic event or ptsd. I have never been shamed or told my anxiety isn’t real. My family just accepted I was different. 

I have no shame I am not scared of people knowing. I am open and only have friends that accept all of me.  I have always had the mentality if you don’t like all of me then get to stepping.  I have anxiety but do not have low self esteem.  

The groups are all about accepting your anxiety and finding a safe place to talk. But I demand every place to be a safe place to talk about anxiety.  It is a disease no one is ashamed of physical diseases, so why mental ones? Ugh.


4 thoughts on “Not a fan

  1. Totally agree, every place should be a safe place to talk. You’d never been ashamed to talk about your broken leg. Oh, lets create a safe place to talk about your broken leg and we can all share stories about breaking bones. Great post.

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