I can not work due to the severity if my anxiety.  I am on tons of pills, supplements, and vitamins.  The government makes it so hard to get the help mental disease suffers need. They give me 576.00 a month to live off of.. How the hell is anyone supposed to live off of that. They have so much paper work to be on disability.  It is impossible for someone suffering from anxiety or depression to do it alone. They are confusing and if you don’t use the correct terms they reject your application. Anyone who isn’t in a wheelchair or on a respirator is rejected automatically the first time. Really? I am hanging on by a thread and 10 yrs of documented horrible anxiety is not enough? The fact that I can’t use the phone or go out alone  isn’t enough? The fact that I have at least 2 panic attacks a day isn’t enough? It makes me so angry that support is barbaric when it comes to mental health. The opposing side says it is easy to fake mental illness and that is why it is so hard. That is what the doctors and the records are for! If someone has been working their whole adult life and has a documented history of mental illness and the specialists and family dr says I am ill and sends them my records should be enough. Oh healthy Jenny is going on a rampage for change! Just you wait horrible emotionless system.  In the mean time sick Jenny demands her rights and to be given help. It is like screaming for help in someone’s  face and them not moving a muscle or caring. So frustrating.



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