Walking home from getting one of my prescriptions re-filled and some old lady in a motorized wheel chair almost knocked me over. She was talking loudly and then we got stopped at a red light. She was still talking and I just sheepishly said ‘Please don’t talk to me.’ She kept talking about something, and then out of the blue yelled ‘So do you know the time or not?’ She had at no point asked me what time it was. I responded with an equally loud ‘No’ and then the walk light went on and I was saved. Don’t almost knock people over, not say sorry and then yell at them for not answering a question you didn’t ask. I tell people not to talk to me all the time. It is a must if taking public transportation and having anxiety. Either tell them not to talk to you or have a panic attack. I chose being rude to people who have no common sense. I will answer reasonable question but my closed off body language and crying keeps the sane and people with common sense away from me… leaving the crazies… I have anxiety not crazy, there is a difference. 


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