Due to the sheer amount of stress my body is under my brain it shutting down certain functions to compensate. No one ever tells you when you have debilitating anxiety for a long period of time that it affects your intelligence and what your brain can process.

At times I can’t read or write anything due to my brain forgetting all the training to deal with my dyslexia. My vocabulary is less than half of what it used to be. I already had short term memory loss but it is worse now. I will be telling someone something and just stop as I don’t remember  what I was just doing. I will have no recollection of what I was just saying. 

I get confused A LOT as I don’t understand what people are saying. I have to ask them to clarify and basically talk to me like I know nothing because my anxiety is making me dumb. People always say don’t be so mean to yourself you aren’t dumb. Yes, yes I am at times and it is okay. It is apparently normal in situations like mine but no one ever speaks about it. People need to be told this when diagnosed and going for help. Not just have it as a nasty surprise to go along with the rest of the hell that comes with anxiety.


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