My social worker asked me what I do when I have a panic attack at home. I said I lay on my bed and use my cat, padiddle as a pillow. She gave me a confused look and asked me to clarify. Padiddle is 16 and I have never had a panic attack without her at home. I learned how to deal with panic attacks with my overly needy cat. She loves being used as a pillow always has. I put my head on her and wrap my arms around her.  She in turn purrs wraps her paws around my arm and lays her head on my arm giving me kisses. Whe I have a crippling panic attack she is always there when I can move and notice my surroundings. She crawls on my or lays beside my head. Padiddle literally loves me more than life, as she tried to starve herself the first time I left her for a week. Wesker is my service animal and helps me when I am out and the mighty Miss Kitty, Padiddle, looks after me when home (as does Wesker.)  My advice to anyone with anxiety/depression get a fur baby that you connect with. Mental illness can twist everything and make you feel like everything and one is better off without you.  It can not twist the love that is right in your face everyday all day, giving you unconditonal love. 


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